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Annual Exhibition Entry Information

Find all the details of our Annual Exhibition Rules and Conditions of Entry and Submit your entries using the online form.


Assembly Rooms, Alton GU34 1BA

Saturday 7th October to Sunday 15th October 10am until 5pm, closing to the public at 4pm on the last day.

Private View 6th October

2023 Exhibition Poster

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Rules and Conditions of Entry


Entry is by completion and submission of the entry form, available at together with payment of the relevant fees.

Closing Date for receipt of entries (and payment of fees by post) is: Friday 16th September 2023.

All entries must meet the Society’s presentation standards.

The Society reserves the right to refuse any exhibit entry.

The Society will take all reasonable care of exhibits but cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage. We strongly advise artists to have their own personal insurance cover for loss of and/or damage to exhibited works.


  • 3 x original paintings. (Maximum width 100cm)

  • A 4th reserve painting to be hung if space permits and probably at lower than ideal viewing height. *

  •  6 x pieces of 3D work

  • 6 x unframed original folio paintings

  • 30 X greetings cards

*Reserves not selected for hanging and any exhibits refused, must be collected from the Assembly Rooms on Saturday 7th October not left until the end of exhibition.

All work must be for sale. Minimum Sales Prices accepted are:

  • £50 for hanging exhibits;

  • £20 for folios;

  • Greetings Cards will be sold for at £2.50 each (Please do not put a price on your cards).

A commission of 20% will be deducted from all sales.

Works sold as a direct result of the Exhibition incur a commission to reflect the Society’s role as a gallery. If the sale is post exhibition, the artist is encouraged to forward commission direct to the treasurer.

If work is sold by an artist after submitting their entry, but before the exhibition, the artist can:

  • Exhibit the work and pay the commission to the Society

  • Withdraw the exhibit (there will be no refund of entry fee)

  • Where possible, at the sole discretion of the Exhibition organisers, substitute another work for exhibition (there will be no refund of entry fee if substitution is declined).

Work exhibited at any of the Society’s previous Exhibitions is not eligible for entry.

Digital images will not be accepted unless an integral part of a greater artistic creation. No photographic or purely digital images will be accepted.

FEES: (Please note: All fees are non-refundable with the exception of the reserve painting where a refund will apply if exhibit is not displayed)

  • Framed Paintings/Canvasses and 3D Works - £4 per artwork

  • Original Folios - £2 per folio

  • Greetings Cards - No fee payable if exhibiting. £2.50 admin fee if no other exhibits entered.

Fees may be paid:

By cheque (payable to Alton Art Society) posted to AAS Treasurer, 91a Basingstoke Road, Alton, GU34 1QJ


OR by Bank Transfer (BACS payment) to the Society’s account, details of which are given at the end of the online entry form.


A high standard of presentation is expected for all forms of work exhibited.
Paintings and box canvasses must be strung securely. (Knots should be positioned off-centre otherwise the painting will not hang straight).

All metal projections/sharp edges must be covered/taped to protect other frames during stacking.

Folios must have a board backing and be covered with protective cellophane.

Greetings Cards to be in cellophane bags, with envelope enclosed, or with a “card catch” sticker attached. If using the eco-friendly card stickers, any effects of customer handling are borne by the artist.

LABELLING: (must match the details submitted on the Entry Form)

Hanging exhibits and folios must have a label on the reverse side. Label to include the name of the artist, the title, price and the medium used - artist’s address/email/& website are optional.

In addition, hanging exhibits require a SECOND LABEL with the title & artist's name and “Reserve” (for the 4th entry) securely attached to the hanging wire by a string (long enough for the label to hang over the front to identify the painting during hanging/exhibition labelling, but not excessively long).

3D exhibits must be labelled with the name of the artist, the title, price and the medium used.

Cards: Artist’s name must be clearly written or printed on the back.


Stewarding arrangements will be advised in September. All exhibitors may be called on to steward. Exhibitors will be expected to assist with set up and take down.



Friday 6th October - times between 9.00 am and 12.30 pm will be allocated to artists for drop off Lower Room, Assembly Rooms, Alton GU34 1BA.
Please note there will not be a separate table to receive Greetings Cards.



  • Reserves not selected for hanging and any declined exhibits, once notified, should be collected from the Assembly Rooms on Saturday 7th October or as soon as possible and not left until the end of the exhibition.

  • Purchasers can collect artwork from 4pm until 5pm on Sunday 15th October 2023.

  • Artists can collect unsold work at allocated times from 5pm until 6pm on Sunday 15th October 2023.

All work must be collected & SIGNED out at desks in the main hall prior to release. If someone is collecting work on your behalf, please advise this in advance, or we may not be able to release the work.

Unsold cards can be collected at the November demonstration or by arrangement with the Treasurer. Please check the No. of cards collected matches what you sign for.


It is the artist’s responsibility to ensure exhibits are collected on time. AAS cannot be responsible for any uncollected artworks.


A poster may be available to download from the exhibition page for display on Facebook /Instagram / to email to friends and potential buyers or to print off and display if you have somewhere to do so.



Please do not submit copies of other people’s work.

To protect your own original work from being exploited add © symbol after your signature and any details on the back of your work e.g.: year painted.


This copyright lasts throughout your life until 70 years after your death.


Copyright exists in the UK with no formal process to obtain this. If a work/photograph created by another person is re-created by an artist and sold for profit it is commonly regarded as infringing the original artist’s copyright.



Please Contact: Sally Cox, Margaret Crowe, or Annabel Young

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