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June Update

Further to our Chair Person, Annabel Young’s visit last Thursday, I thought it best to summarise our discussions with her and update you on a few things.

  1. The price increase per person from £4 to £5 will start from the beginning of September when the Group returns after the summer break in August. So up to the end of July it will remain at £4.

  2. Until further notice the TPG session time will remain at 1pm-5pm. There are a couple of points that need clarification from the Malting’s management on changing the time to 1:30pm-5:30pm. As soon as we get clarification I will confirm to you the date we move to the later time.

  3. Annabel confirmed that she had secured the extra table for AAS’s stand at the Armed Forces Day event taking place at Anstey Park on 24th June 2023 between 10am and 4pm. As you know Annabel is keen to promote our Society; five of us (Gail, Mike, Maureen, John and Barry) agreed to demonstrate our painting skills during the day, Sean said he would assist with the setting up and taking down of the stand, four of us (Mary, Diana, Robin and Lorraine) said they would consider joining the demo team. Annabel and Sally Cox will be there all day and there will be two gazebos to provide cover should the weather be inclement. Access to our stand is from 8am for those helping with the setting up, cars must be parked in the adjacent car park but up to 9:30am you can drop your equipment off at the stand. For those who have committed to paint on the stand you will need to bring your painting equipment with you, you will need an easel and a chair if you want to paint sitting down, also would you please confirm to me the period of times you can commit to, so that we can draw up a rota for the day.

  4. We plan to hold an exhibition at the Allen gallery next year for TPG members. Easter was suggested as a possible time to hold the exhibition. I will liaise with the Allen Gallery and check availability.

  5. Annabel said there is an Arts Festival to be held in Alton next year (2024) and confirmed that AAS had been asked to participate and hoped the TPG would be involved. I will liaise with the Allen Gallery to get further details for our Group’s consideration.

  6. As you know Gail Williams is developing a new Website for the Society and is setting up a separate page for TPG which is now well advanced. It is to be reviewed at our next Committee meeting.

  7. For Lead members – On Thursdays you are the ‘Lead’ for a TPG session, when you open up the cash box would you please check that the B/Fwd. cash amount entered on the attendee control sheet for that Thursday agrees with the actual cash in the C/B. Should it not agree please can you note any difference on the sheet.

Hope to see you tomorrow,

Best wishes,




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